Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home In India 2019

Building a house might be easy to invest but maintaining it the same way is not that easy as we think. This needs a lot of maintenance and care because of the stuff that is loaded into the homes.

Apart from that, the decoration is also a significant part of maintaining a house to make it home sweet home. But how easy is cleaning a room in the house can only be answered by the person who does that.

For that, it is necessary to select a good vacuum cleaner which would make the task damn easy with investing zero effort.

Why a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner as a device which functions on the suction process. This is designed for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining proper décor of your home as well as maintaining the hygiene level.

This helps in cleaning carpets, sofas, chairs, tables and other household items easily.  This can be the best alternative to manual tools which reduces the workload to a maximum and it makes the indoor environment dust free.

For women keeping home clean is not at all an easy task. This requires a lot of time and effort. The use of vacuum cleaner makes the use of suction control blower in the vacuum cleaner to retain the dust particles.

A significant mechanism

The most significant thing in this is the HEPA filters which captures the dust particles and then store them into the dusting bag. Then after cleaning the user can take it out and dispose of it. While choosing a vacuum cleaner it’s important to check some significant features like cleaner container, wet or dry cleaners, HEPA filters, noise level of the machine, the device being automatic or corded.

Best of vacuum cleaners 

With the grooming technology, there are huge varieties of vacuum cleaners available in the market. It can be challenging to get one home, so let’s find out some of the interesting and best vacuum cleaner for home in India.

Canister vacuum cleaner

  • This can be a versatile one with the best technology invested for cleaning floors, sofas, carpets and upholstery.
  • What makes it significant is the cleaner getting easy to move and handle. This can easily reach under any furniture or other small corners.
  • The use of this vacuum cleaner can be utilized for cleaning bare floors, under the furniture and stairs without extra effort.
  • Quite affordable and is available with unique and separate powerheads that makes things easy going.

Looking at its demerit, it’s a bit heavy to carry and looks odd. The hose and wand make it difficult to squeeze into the bin.

Hand held vacuum cleaner

  • This is a handheld vacuum cleaner which is, of course, an ideal option. The best part of it is being small and can be used both in corded or cordless format.
  • Light weight and is portable in nature. This is best if you have pets in your home.
  • Indeed there is a lack of power like that of heavyweight cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaner

  • One of the most popular types of vacuum cleaner is considered the upright vacuum cleaner. This is particularly for cleaning basic things at homes.
  • They are coming on with revolving brush roll and a single or with a pair of motors. This is going to create suction and drives the brush.
  • The device is helpful for cleaning dust and other contaminants from floors, carpets and bigger rooms.
  • This is affordable with performing best for storing dust. It weighs a lot and cleaning to produce noise.

Stick vacuum cleaner

  • This is light in weight and is quite handy. The device is portable in nature and easily movable.
  • The versatile design is making it a great device to clean hard surfaces. This is good for cleaning under the furniture and little corners.
  • This comes with a tall body along with a handle and power head.
  • All the modern generation vacuum cleaners run in batteries and these are quite effective with cleaning process.

But above all the storage space is low and it doesn’t work on carpet walls.

Dyson V7 Animal cord-free vacuum cleaner

Dyson V7 animal Cord Free

  • The one is available with the best stick vacuum cleaner in India.
  • The thing which makes it special is the powerful suction of 1000 AW.
  • This weighs around 2.3 kgs.
  • Its body is metallic and ABS.
  • Moving down to its advantages like it bears a direct drive cleaner and permits with powerful suction to clean deep into the carpet. Using this would help with removing dirt from the ground easily.
  • The post-motor filter clears maximum of microscopic dust and helps with the removal of smaller particles as of size 0.3 microns easily.
  • Its advanced filter helps with capturing allergens and easily expelling cleaner air than the air. This is quite environment-friendly.
  • The vacuum cleaner sports up to 30 minutes of powerful cleaning. This permits with fade free suction.
  • The max power mode serves up to one hour of higher suction. The power of the motor automatically reduces power consumption.
  • This bears around 15 small cyclones which generate quite powerful sources into the bin. The following helps with filling dust into the bin without any hassles.

Inalsa spruce -1200W vacuum cleaner

  • The product is powered with 1200 W motor.
  • This has the rotation of a 360-degree wheel.
  • The product bears only 2.8 kg in weight.
  • The product also bears a motor of 1200 Watts as a powerful motor and reserves energy when it’s not into random usage.
  • This bears an amazing suction capacity with 18 Kpa and features easy cleaning of carpet with leaving no dust.
  • The service of the product bears 2 years warranty and great after sales service. The maintenance cost is quite low which makes the product quite valuable.

These vacuum cleaners are perfect for use in the Indian market and hence can be considered as a stress-free and best vacuum cleaner for home in India.

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